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Hosted by Vince Whinnery

Vince Whinnery is an entrepreneur and leading authority on digital marketing, sales and public relations especially as it pertains to online lead generation, sales funnels, sales copy, digital publicity, personal branding and reputation management . He has helped more than 2 dozen companies grow their revenue by at least 50%, and generated millions of clicks, tens of thousands of leads, and 8 figures in revenue. He helps entrepreneurs learn how to leverage online advertising and publicity in the digital age.  His work on television, radio and news media has reached millions of people around the world.

Whinnery is a successful entrepreneur who began his journey online in 2002 and was an early advertiser on Google and Facebook helping pave the way for many of the practices seen today. He currently runs two companies, Traffic Gnomes (a performance marketing company) and Amplified Authority (a publicity and reputation management services, consulting and advisory company). He has built a reputation as someone able to achieve big things fast, and is known as a top digital entrepreneur under 40.

Hosted by Dalton

Dalton Locke is an entrepreneur and leading authority on business startup, sales, branding, product design and marketing. He has helped more than a dozen companies in 6 industries bring in more than $50M in revenue, and generated more than $6.7M in phone sales, and invested in more than a dozen companies as an angel investor. He helps brands develop product design that will allow them to scale to 9 figures and beyond. His efforts have impacted more than 5 million people worldwide.

Locke is a successful entrepreneur who began in the mid 2000's and has built a 9 figure company, an 8 figure company, is an angel and early stage investor, and has been involved in more than a dozen other successful companies. He has worked with multiple international entrepreneurs and philanthropists to further multiple UN sustainable goals, and he currently invests in early stage companies where he can help multiply the revenue and create a positive impact to local communities. He has built a reputation as a visionary and idealist, and is known for his network of relationships with the top movers and shakers in multiple industries. 


$18.45 Into $7,000

We helped Salado Fitness (a small local gym) generate a consistent source of new members. The results of our initial push? We turned $18.45 of advertising into more than 7 new members (worth more than $7,000)!

Increase of 30% in 2 months

We helped TherapedsWorks (a Pediatric Therapy clinic) generate more leads and traffic from organic Google results (aka SEO). The results? Within the first 2 months of working together we increased traffic and profits by 30%! 

Turned $327 into $16,500

We helped Grapplers Lair (a MMA gym) generate a consistent source of new members. The results of our initial push? We turned $327 of advertising into more than 11 new members (worth more than $16,500)!

$20k+ Per Month Nightclub Table Reservations 

We helped a Nightclub in Manhattan get a massive ROI on table reservations - the core income for nightclubs. It turned $350 into more than $20,000 per month like clockwork.

300% ROI Sports Bar Newsletter Campaign

A brand new sports bar needed people in... and fast! We engineered a newsletter campaign that brought in a minimum of $3 for every $1 spent during the first month. The best part is people responded forever... so ROI only increased over time.

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What you'll Learn In The Challenge

The Roadmap to 3X Your Business In a Simple & Reliable Way

We're going to reveal to you the tried and true blueprint we use to 3X any businesses we're involve in.

A Simple Way To Boost Sales THIS WEEK

We'll show you a tried & true method that will bring in a flood of sales right now - and it's brilliant in its simplicity! 

Boost Your Revenue Fast Through FB (We'll Show You How)

Use some simple PROVEN tactics to boost your revenue with the most loved/hated social media platform. 

3 Ways To Position Yourself Over Your Competitors & Make Selling 10X Easier

There are many unconscious cues we look for when working with someone. We'll show you 3 different ways you can easily implement this into your business to improve sales fast!

How does it work?

  1. 1
    The day before the Challenge begins, you'll be given access to our private "Challenge Members-Only" Facebook group. Make yourself at home, meet your fellow challengers, and familiarize yourself with everything going on in there..
    It's a great chance to meet some like-minded people!
  2. 2
    Once the challenge begins, I'll share one "action item" that asks for just 15-minutes of your time every single day. I'll be there along with some of my team to help you complete it if you get stuck, have any questions, or just need some moral support.
    It’s called a challenge for a reason - it’s not going to be easy!
  3. 3
    After you're done with each "action item," you'll be asked to post about how you got on in the group.  The private group is designed to help you achieve the absolute most you can out of the challenge if you put the work in!  It's an opportunity for everyone to compare notes, congratulate results, and learn from each other!  The 5 days do require a level of commitment (but it’s so worth it!)


We'll also be selecting one of our challenge members to take them through this for their specific business... for FREE!